Create/Add a Task

Create/Add a Task

"Add Task" allows specific housekeeping-related tasks to be entered for the room selected. Except Room Attendant, anyone else can all assign tasks in MOP.
Path: Add Task

Any field with an asterisk (*) is mandatory.
1. Select the room number or area of the hotel.
2. Select the duty.

3. Select the priority. The default is Medium but can be changed to High or Low.
4. The default Status is New but can be updated to other phases of the task, as needed.

5. Assign the task to a user.
6. The type of verification will auto-populate based on the user profile, but can be changed as needed.
7. If the guest checks out at a specific time, it can be added here.

8. Checked "PetRoom" for user information.
9. Checked "Occupied" to indicates the guest is still in the room.
10. Upload pictures as needed.

11. Add any necessary Notes.

12. Create by and create date will auto fill.

13. Click Submit to complete the task, or Click "Add New" to add additional tasks.

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