Add Task

Add Task


This feature allows specific housekeeping-related tasks to be entered for the room selected.
Site Admin, Front Desk, Housekeeping  Supervisors, and Maintenance can all assign tasks within MOP.

To Add a Task

1. Select the Add Task Icon
2. Use the drop-down window to select the room number or area of the hotel
3. Choose the duty 
4. Select the priority. The default is Medium but can be changed to High or Low
5. Status is New but can be changed to different phases of the task
6. Assign the employee to complete the task
7. Verified by  Self or Supervisor. This depends upon how the employee file was set up in MOP. Supervisor indicates that the task will need an inspection for completeness, Self means it does not require an inspection for completeness
8. Option to indicate the time of a guest checking out
9. Pet room can be flagged for better preparation to enter the room and perform the task
10. Occupied indicates the room status
11. File Attachment is for uploading pictures of the task
12. Create by and create date will auto fill 
13.  Notes can be added for more details about the task
14. Click Submit to complete the task. For additional tasks select, add new.

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