Add Task

Add Task

This feature allows specific housekeeping-related tasks to be entered for the room selected.
Site Admin, Front Desk, Housekeeping  Supervisors, and Maintenance can all assign tasks within MOP.

A - Required Fields

- Room: Select room or area to assign the task
- Duty: Select the duty
- Priority: Defaults to Medium, can be assigned High or Low (High will result in the room being highlighted in red)
- Status: Defaults to New. This status can be changed here, but it is generally best to let the employee that the task is assigned to mark it as complete
- Assigned To: Select the employee you wish to complete the task
- Verified By: Defaults to what the has associate is set up in their file but can be changed while creating a Task

B - Optional Fields

 - CheckOut Time: If the guest is leaving at a specific time
 - Pet Room: Notifies if a pet is in the room
 - Occupied: Is the guest room occupied
- File Attachment: Must be an image (photo). The photo can be uploaded from a mobile device or from a desktop computer
- Created by: Auto-populates the name of the person assigning the task-based upon who's logged in
- Create Date: Auto populates to the date the task was created
- Notes: Details help with clarification. This section allows for 256 characters

C - Submit the Task

- Submit: Creates the task.
- Add New: Allows the user to continue with more task assignments.

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