All Tasks Screen

All Tasks Screen

What is the All Task Screen?

The All Tasks screen is a landing page depicting all task assignments for the day. 
It is accessible to Site Admin, Front Desk, Housekeeping, and Maintenance Supervisors.

When rooms are assigned, maintenance work orders are written, lost and found items need resolution, and/or pre-scheduled tasks
are on the day's list of tasks, the screen can be quite full. The platform allows for different ways to filter the screen making it easier to read and manage. 

Duty Filter 

Using the drop-down window, the Duty Filter opens up and allows the user to select for specific room status.
In the example below, Checked Out was selected and the screen only shows rooms with that status of being checked out.

Room Filter

Using the drop-down window, the Room Filter opens up and allows the user to select specific room blocks or areas of the hotel. 
In the example below, Non-Numeric Rooms were selected and the screen only shows areas of the hotel, excluding the guest rooms.

Color Coding

Color Codes are utilized to select specific statuses. At the beginning of the day, most of the time, there will not be any color coding.
There could be exceptions such as high priority (red) work orders not completed the day before.
Checking any box or series of boxes will filter out all rooms/areas of the hotel that do not have that selected status. 

Explanation of the Color Codes is as follows:
Yellow    Room/Area is Clean/Complete and needs Verification by a Supervisor
Green     Room/Area is Clean/Complete and has been Verified by a Supervisor
Purple    Room/Area that is Clean/Complete/Verified but has Pending Maintenance Work Order 
Black      Room that is still Occupied in the PMS and has not checked out yet has been cleaned by the Room Attendant. 
Red         Work order that has been flagged as a High Priority Task 
Blue        Work order that has been Completed and needs Verification by a Supervisor
White     Task Not Yet started or is a Scheduled Preventative Maintenance or Recurring Task (Housekeeping or Maintenance Related)

The example of a Color Code Filter is below. The box for Completed Rooms has been selected as a filter.

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