Change or Re-establish the Site Administrator' s User Password.

Change or Re-establish the Site Administrator' s User Password.

If there is not a Site Administrator at the hotel, only a Visual Matrix Systems Administrator can change or re-establish the Site Administrator's password in MOP. Site Administrators at the hotel can change any user's password, including their own.

 New MOP Subscriber

-  A user name and password for a new subscriber will be loaded into MOP by a Visual Matrix System Administrator for MOP
- The user name and password will be created for the individual whose name is listed on an Excel sheet submitted to Visual Matrix.
- Login information will be sent to the Site Administrator through email with instructions on how to change the new password
- Should the new subscriber forget their login credentials, they will need to reach out to receive the credentials again. This should be done through the MOP Electronic Ticketing Platform.  Click HERE

Existing MOP Subscriber

- If there has been an additional Site Administrator added as a user to the site, then a different Site Admin can change or re-establish the password
- This would be done by accessing the Staff List and selecting the name to make the changes. The platform will roll to the Staff Edit screen

1. Type in New Password and Confirm the Password
2. Submit to lock in the changes

- If there is not a second Site Administrator, then the process for changing or re-establishing the password would be to submit a ticket through the MOP electronic ticketing platform. (see link above)

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