Create a Special Request

Create a Special Request

MOP has many tasks that can be assigned to different team members. They are usually associated with either a cleaning assignment or a maintenance assignment.
Additionally, there are also some tasks that can be assigned that do not fall categorically within the basic task assignment functions in MOP.  Within the platform, we can create a task/duty named Special Request to meet the needs of requests outside of the baseline terminology in MOP.

Examples of Special Requests

Special requests may come from a guest or from a member of the hotel team.  Some examples are as follows:
Extra Towels/Supplies
Welcome Basket/Gift

How to Create a Special Request

The sequence of assigning a Special Request task is illustrated in the screenshots below.
Select  Add Task 
Enter the Room Number
Under Duty, Select Special Request or See Notes (in the example, Special Request was used)
Mark Status as New
Assigned To is Bailey (she is working the first floor and has been assigned to clean room 104 as well)
Type in the Notes field the details of the request (up to 262 characters)
Click Submit to save the task

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