Create an Alert Task

Create an Alert Task

The Boxed Alert is what a Room Attendant sees as an access point. The Round Alert is what all others see as an access point.

Site Admin, Front Desk, Housekeeping  Supervisor, Room Attendant, and Maintenance can create an Alert.
Room Attendants can only create an Alert for a room assigned to them for the same day.
Others can create an Alert for all areas of the hotel that has been loaded at the time of set up for MOP.

Required fields

- Room: Select the Room or Area
Alert Types: 8 options to choose from: Broken Items, Guest Issues, Lost and Found, Missing Items, Need to Order, Pet in the Room, See Notes, Smoking in the Room;
- Priority: Defaults to Medium but can be changed to High or Low. Selecting High will cause the Task to show highlighted in Red;
- Picture(s): Up to four pictures can be added for the Alert;
- Notes: Details help with clarification. Space allows 256 characters;
- Submit: Creates the new task /alert.

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