Edit Tasks: Editing and Updating Tasks (Video)

Edit Tasks: Editing and Updating Tasks (Video)

This section allows the user to view and edit the tasks currently scheduled for the day.

1- Edit

Select Edit to enable editing (changes the grey out)
Edits can be made under various columns such as:
      - Self Verify or Supervisor Verity (the task will show as complete once a self-verified team member completes it or if it is necessary to ensure it is inspected by a Supervisor to verify completeness)
      - Assigned To (to reassign to another team member)
      - Status (t change from new to finished)
      - Priority ( to change from the default status of Medium to either High or Low ) etc
      - Check Del (delete) box if you want to delete the task altogether

2- Deleted Tasks

Select to review any tasks that were previously deleted.

3- Process Updates

Select once all edits/changes have been made to save the modifications.

Tutorial Video

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