Assigning Head Housekeeper Blocks/Floors of Rooms to Inspect

Assigning Head Housekeeper Blocks/Floors of Rooms to Inspect

Head Housekeeper Assignments

MOP allows for blocks or floors of rooms to be assigned for people to inspect. This works especially well for large hotels that may have more than one Housekeeping Supervisor to check the room's status.
Note: The platform makes allowances for four different supervisors to inspect.

To assign

You can assign multiple associates to inspect rooms. Select HdHkpr Assignments.

The screenshot below shows the options available after selecting HdHkpr Assignments.
Using the drop-down window that reads Select Employee select an associate's name, then in the first box put the beginning room number of the sequence, and in the second box, put the end room number of the sequence.

Note: After the first entry, the platform will default to the next available room number. You can type over and override it to begin a different room number sequence.

To Complete

Select Create to complete the assignments.

What about on the Housekeeper Side?

When the Housekeepers select My Tasks, they will only have their assigned rooms or floors to inspect. 

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