Housekeeping Supervisor Room Status Inspection and Verification

Housekeeping Supervisor Room Status Inspection and Verification

Throughout the day, the Housekeeping Supervisor receives updates in the MOP regarding Tasks completed that need inspection and verification.

Options Available

The screenshot below is an example of the Tasks with pending inspections/verifications. Yellow is an indicator that a team member has completed cleaning the rooms.
There are two rooms that have a DND (room 102) or No Service (room 103) that could possibly be inspected/verified as well.
Select the room number you wish. For our example, we'll use room 104, which is a refresh/stayover room.

Verified: Select when the room is good to go and has no issues to resolve.
Verified DND Points: Some subscribers offer points to their Frequent Traveler Program versus a room cleaning.
Verified with Corrections: The room is good to go after the Supervisor took some corrective action in the room for the Room Attendant.
Verified DND: The room Attendant flagged the room as having a DND on the door and the Supervisor confirmed the status.
Open: The room has not been completed to standards and has been sent back to the Room Attendant as a do-over.
Maintenance and Alerts: The Supervisor can enter these types as tickets for the room as well.

Housekeeping Supervisor's Task Screen Changes/Updates vs the Room Attendant's Task Screen

In the screenshot below, room 104 was inspected and verified with corrections. The status update was pushed out to the room attendant as an update.
Room Attendant's task screen shows room 104 has been Verified w/Corrections
The Room Attendant can click on room 104 to open it up and see what corrections took place.
The Supervisor wrote in the Notes field that soap and shampoo were forgotten and a reminder to review procedures.

Options for Verification of DNDs 

Room 102 was flagged by the Room Attendant that there was a DND sign on the door. Notes were added in the Notes field indicating different titimes throughout the day the room was checked for DND.
When the Housekeeping Supervisor Verified DND, Notes were added that at the end of the shift, the DND was still on the door.

All Tasks Screen (Desk and Site Admin)

As the Room Attendant's and Housekeeping Supervisor's tasks are updated in MOP so is the All Tasks screen. This screen is visible to all associates except Room Attendants.

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