How to Log into MOP

How to Log into MOP

There are two initial steps to log into MOP.

First Step: Site Login

This is the site location assigned to the hotel. It is usually the brand-assigned property ID. Some independent subscribers may have their own preference or one could be created by MOP  tech

To log in, type your assigned Site Login and the Site Password that you received by email

Then click Submit.

All MOP subscribers - except Wyndham Brands:
Exclusively for Wyndham branded sites:

Second Step: User Login

This is for each individual that will be using the MOP for their daily duties and responsibilities.
Enter the provided username and password assigned.
Then click Submit.

Before the individual User logs in, bookmark or add the User Login page to your Favorites or save it to your Home screen.
This prevents your team from having to use the Site Login each time they log in.
Credentials should not be shared

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