Maintenance Functions of Assigned Work Order Tasks

Maintenance Functions of Assigned Work Order Tasks

When Maintenance team members log into MOP, they will see any tasks assigned to them.
Tasks could be guest room work orders created by a Room Attendant, work orders created by a Front Desk team member, or by any other employee that has access to adding a Maintenance task or work order. 
There may also be recurring tasks that show up on a prescheduled day.

In this article, we'll go over the process of the Start/Finish of a work order task assignment to Maintenance.

Work Order Assigned

Start the Work Order

In the screenshot below, a work order for Room 103 has been created.
The work order has been flagged as a High priority. When High priority is selected, the order is highlighted in red and goes to the top of the tasks scheduled. That helps the team member assigned the task to prioritize their assignments for the day. 

When Maintenance selects the room number or area the task has been created for, the details of the ticket will open.
In the screenshot below, you will see the Notes added by the person who created the order and with mobile devices, there is the capability to take up to four photos.
The Notes indicate the sink leaks and have a calcium buildup; the photo provides a visual aid to support the work order.

With that information, Maintenance is thoroughly prepared to solve the problem by taking the necessary tools with them.
Their option is to select Start.

Below you can see that Maintenance has started the task as indicated on their device as well as indicated on the All Task screen.
The All Task screen creates a timestamp as well.

Complete the Work Order

Once the work order is complete, they can select Fixed.
If Paused is selected, it stops the original timestamp and could skew the time tracking to complete the task. 
When Fixed is selected, it will show up on the Maintenance team members' device as well as the All Tasks screen as Verified.

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