Create a Maintenance Work Order 🎥

Create a Maintenance Work Order 🎥

Everyone can assign maintenance wotrk orders tickets. However, room attendants can only enter maintenance for a room that has been assigned to them for the day. Any field with an asterisk is required.
Path1: Dashboard > Add Maint
Path2 (room attendant): Room clean start > Maint

1. Select the room number or the area of the property.
2. Select the duty to be completed.
3. Select the prority of the work order, from low to high. A high prority task will show red on the dashboard.
4. Select the Maintenance Level: from 1 to 5. Specific user can be setup to receive an email alert for any selected level in their staff profile.

5. If the maintenance order was requested by a guest, check the box.

6. Check the "Disable 30-Day Archive" to keep the task active until completed. If kept unchecked, the task will drop/archive after 30 days.
7. Select the status of the task. The default status being logically "New".
8. Select the employee to whom the order is assigned to.
9. The type of inspection (verified by) will be auto-selected based on the employee profile but can be changed.

10. If the guest is having a late checkout, select the correct time.
11. Check the "PetRoom" box if there is a pet in the room.
12. If the room is Occupied, check the box.

13. Upload up to 4 pictures either from the mobile device or from the desktop.
14. Created By and Created Date will Auto populates.
15. Enter Notes up to 256 characters for additional details.

16. Add New to enter additional tickets or Submit to save this new ticket.

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