Manual Room Assignments (Add Tasks) 🎥

Manual Room Assignments (Add Tasks) 🎥

Room assignments from the previous day will still be reflected in MOP until the new room assignments for the current day are assigned. Once rooms are assigned for the current day, the previous day's assignments will disappear.

Assign Rooms

- Add Tasks: After selecting the Add Tasks icon, the platform will roll to the screen where the new day's room assignments can be entered
- Employee: Select the Employee you wish to assign the rooms to
- Verified By: This defaults to how the employee was set up in their staff profile.  You can override this and select the other option for that one day of assignment
- Duty: Four drop-down windows that all have the same room status selection options  such as Due Out, Checkout, Refresh/Stayover
- Rooms: Enter room numbers to be cleaned. You will need to use the Room Status report from your PMS to enter the rooms accordingly
- Add Tasks: Assigns the day's rooms to room attendant selected
- Add New: Allows the user to assign more rooms to another room attendant

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