My Tasks (The User Tasks Screen)

My Tasks (The User Tasks Screen)

Depending upon the scope of a team member's duties and responsibilities, each user in MOP will have varying icon access.
Each user regardless of their position at the hotel will have access to the My Tasks icon.

Once the My Tasks icon is selected, the signed-in user will be able to review the tasks currently scheduled for them to complete and/or follow up on.



Their board primarily relates to tasks for recurring maintenance or front desk assignments.

Room Attendants

Their board shows rooms to be cleaned and any special assignments in MOP.

Housekeeping Supervisor

Can view/update, rooms to inspect, special assignments in MOP.


Their board shows work orders, PMs, special assignments in MOP.

Front Desk

Their board show Alerts (lost and found), special assignments in MOP, view and/or update.

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