Cleaning Occupied Rooms

Cleaning Occupied Rooms

Status Options

When a Room Attendant has assignments to clean an occupied room,  there will be three status options:
- Start:  Utilize when the Room Attendant enters the room to be cleaned.
- Do Not Disturb (DND): Flags the room as having a Do Not Disturb sign on the door.
- No Service: Indicates that the guest has indicated verbally to the Room Attendant or Front Desk Associate they do not want their room cleaned.

Start Option

1. Select the Room Number of the room to be cleaned 
2. Click Start 
3. Select Finish when the cleaning process is complete
4. The yellow highlight indicates the room needs inspection and verification by a Supervisor

Options for Maintenance Tickets and Alerts are covered in their respective articles

Do Not Disturb and No Service Options

1. Select the Room Number for the room that has a DND
2. Best Practice: Enter in the Notes field times the rooms were observed with a DND on the Door and Select the DND icon
3. The status will be indicated as Do Not Disturb on the Room Attendant's device
Adding comments in the Notes field provides more clarity to the selected status. In the example below, the room attendant noted the times they checked the room with the DND before they finished for the day. This communication helps when the guest asks the front desk why their room was not cleaned. The front desk can field the guest inquiry more effectively.

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