Panic Button Overview 🎥

Panic Button Overview 🎥

The Panic Button allows a team member to notify key team members of a distressing situation that they may be observing or experiencing themselves. From their handheld device, they will be able to access the Panic Button Icon from whatever screen they might be viewing while working.
The Panic Button is an additional feature to MOP that has to be requested.

How the Panic Button Works in MOP
When a staff member activates the Panic Button icon, it will immediately and automatically activate the device’s camera and microphone. The system will send out an alert notifications to all users set up to receive such notification.
Activated cellular and landline phones will also receive a telephone call with a recorded message and a text message identifying the person who activated the panic button and their location within the hotel. Recorded audio and video will be accessible in the Reports section of MOP.  The recordings can be uploaded to provide support documentation of the incident.

1. Click on Reports.

2. Click on "Panic Alert Video Log".

3. View the list of files available.

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