Product Quality - Process Inspection

Product Quality - Process Inspection

Utilizing the Process Inspection 

This icon allows the observation of a Room Attendant cleaning the room. The goal in following a specific order or steps in cleaning the
guest room ensures no item or area is missed and promotes consistency in the room cleaning process with your team. 

Process Inspection Form

The observer/inspector will select the Room Number and the name of the Room Attendant being observed.
The form has 10 primary areas and cleaning steps with each area having varying amounts of sub-categories.
The process starts with a clean, organized, and properly stocked cart and ends with a "last look" of the guest room ensuring that it is clean, organized, and has no maintenance issues.

Process Inspection Scoring

The observation is conducted in a vacant/dirty room. The score sheet will begin with all 31 items missed as one will assume that everything is dirty and broken. As the Room Attendant properly completes the cleaning process in the correct order, the items missed, if any are left unchecked.
The Pass or Fail decision is at the discretion of the subscriber except for three areas deemed as auto-fail

The auto-fail items are as follows:
 Failure to check the U-bolt/Dead Bolt - Guest security is in question if not completed
 Extreme Contamination -  Using a rag to clean the coffee maker that was just used to clean the toilet 
 Failure to Open and Check Drawers -  Items of the previous guest left in the drawer(s)

Illustrated below, you will find some examples of the scoring. Notes are utilized for clarity in the scoring process.
Example #1 - Score at the beginning.
Example #2 - All boxes have been completed from the 10 key areas, however, an auto-fail was flagged because of Failure to Open and Check Drawers
Example #3 - Four items were missed and scored as passing.

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