Product Quality - Room Inspection

Product Quality - Room Inspection

The icon is accessible to the Site Admin and Housekeeping Supervisor.

Room Inspection Icon

Utilizing the Room Inspection icon in MOP provides a means to conduct guest room inspections as well as a way to document those inspections.
The format is based upon a product quality or quality control perspective. The inspection can prove beneficial for performance reviews
of your associate or for a comparison of a guest issue noted through a Guest Satisfaction program. 

Room Inspection Form

When the Room Inspect icon is selected, the platform rolls to the form page, Room Inspection Add
The person who is doing the inspection will have their name automatically populated. Once a room number has been selected for inspection, the platform will auto-populate the name of the last room attendant that cleaned the room. The form is broken down into two areas of the room, the Room and the Bathroom.
The Room area has 31 sub-categories and the Bathroom has 15 sub-categories.

Room Inspection Scoring
Generally, a Room Inspection will be conducted in a room that is Vacant/Clean. Therefore, the form will start with zero problems.
A single-point deduction begins if a Maintenance or Housekeeping issue is checked in the box. 
If the option for Both is selected, it will be a two-point deduction in the score. 
If a Maintenance issue is checked, the platform will automatically roll to the area a work order task can be created.

Pre-Determined Score Levels

Excellent - 3 or fewer issues
Pass - 4-6 issues
Fail - 7 or more issues.

There is an auto-fail box that would flag the score at a minimum of 7 issues.  Be sure to record specifics in the Notes field.
Upon completion, click Submit to save the inspection.

                                                                  Hskp Maint Both                                         Hskp Maint Both                                     Hskp Maint Both

Room Re-Clean

If there are deductions and the form has been submitted, the platform will roll to the option; Would you like to Re-Clean this room?
If Yes is selected, the next screen will be Task Add and allow the room to be assigned to be cleaned.
The Notes filed will indicate Cleaning Required after Room Inspection.

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