This section allows the user to view and analyze a roll-up of tasks/activities weekly or monthly.
Site Admin and Front Desk Accessible.

A Governor Access is available for ownership/management of multi properties that use the MOP.

The different available reports

Site Reports:
- 15 Weekly Reports gather data from Sunday to Saturday night. On Sunday, you can review the previous week’s reports. Filtered by YR.
- 14 Monthly Reports (omits Network Test) gather data from the first of the month to the last day of the month. On the first of each month, you can review the previous month’s reports. Filtered by YR.

Maint (Maintenance) Completed: The tasks related to maintenance work orders. Filtered by MO/YR.
Preventive Maintenance Completed: The PM tasks that were completed. Filtered by MO/YR.

Room PM Tracker: The frequency the rooms of the hotel received a PM. Filtered by YR.
Quarterly PM Tracker: The number/percentage for the entire hotel. Filtered by YR.

RA Average Times: Minutes spent cleaning different room statuses (checkout, refresh). Filtered by MO/YR.
WIFI Latency: The time/delay to send information to/from one point to the next. It is measured in milliseconds. Filtered by MO/YR.

Process Inspections: The observation of an associate cleaning a room. Filtered by MO/YR.
Room Inspections: The room inspections from a Product Quality perspective. Filtered by MO/YR.

Panic Alert Video Log: Houses recorded audio and video of incidents when the Panic Alert icon has been activated by an associate. Filtered by a specific date.

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