Scheduling Preventive Maintenance

Scheduling Preventive Maintenance

The Site Administrator is the only staff member who is allowed to schedule a preventative maintenance item.

A- Required Fields

Room or All Rooms: You can select one room, a series of rooms, or all rooms
Duty: Select duty
Priority: Defaults to medium but can be modified to another priority level
Assigned To: Select the staff member who will complete the task
Verify By: Defaults to the associate who was set up in their staff profile (either Self verify or Supervisor verify) but can be changed for the current Preventative Maintenance task
Days Counter or Days Rented: Days Counter Indicates the frequency of the task ( i.e 7 would be every 7 days, 30 would be every 30 days). Days Rented will schedule based upon the number of occupied days or check-outs
Start Date: Select the date you want to begin the task cycle.

B- Optional Fields

Start Time and End Time: Sets a parameter for the task to be completed
Counter: Leave blank if you want the task to continue indefinitely or put in 1 if you only want it on one cycle
Active and Delete: Task will remain Active until Delete is selected
Notes: Up to 256 characters for additional details.
Submit: Creates the Task.
Add New: After you select Submit to create a task, selecting Add New allows you to create another task.

Note: Submit must be selected after each task creation before adding a new task.

All maintenance tasks assigned are viewable in Reports.

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