Staff List

Staff List

The Staff List icon is only available to the Site Admin (Site Administrator)

Accessing Existing and Previous Staff

Accessing the Staff List allows you to make changes to your existing associates. If you select View Inactive, associates that were previous MOP users at your hotel can be accessed as well.

Edits to Staff 

To Edit, select either User Name, First Name, or Last Name. Once the selection is made, the platform opens up to the same screen that was used to Add Staff. After edits, select Submit to save.

Examples for Edits or Change

To change the associate's password and confirm it, just type over the dots in the password box. Note: Even if the password only has two characters, the platform will always show 8 dots in these fields.
If you want to make an associate Inactive or change their status from Inactive to another Department, use the drop-down window so you can select the desired Department.

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