MOP Overview 🎥

MOP Overview 🎥

MOP is an acronym
for Mobile Operating Platform. It allows users to have enhanced communication in their day-to-day duties and responsibilities by providing solutions for the team to work smarter, faster, and better. Is not an APP (no download required), it is an internet-based platform that operates in the cloud and accessible from any internet-capable device (desktop, laptop, tablet, or cell phone). It takes the hotel automation to the next level.

Core Functionality/Features-Benefits
-Task-based: Routine duties and responsibilities ranging from room assignments, work orders, and guest requests.
-Hotel team is connected: Enhanced communication between the hotel team as data is pushed out through the devices used. No need to interrupt a room attendant's work to "check the board" for status updates.
-Every task is digital: Eliminates the need for paper worksheets, work orders, and storyboards.
-Time stamps of tasks: Shows when a task was started and finished. Allows for time management analysis.
-Detailed reporting: Reports are available in a weekly or monthly format. Provides data that logs tasks assigned and the time it took to complete the task. Allows for an overview of scheduled tasks and if the team is "On Pace" for completion of tasks.
-Guest Service Enhancements: Guest inquiries regarding room status and delivery of special requests can be readily addressed.
-Protection of Asset: Guest room PMs (Preventive Maintenance), deep cleans, special projects (i.e. changing door lock batteries), etc, can be scheduled as a recurring task and will show up automatically on the day it was scheduled for.

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