Adding Staff (Video)

Adding Staff (Video)

Only the Site Admin can access this section.
This section allows the creation of new associates into MOP. 

A- Required Fields

- User Name: The associate who will be signing in;
- Password and Confirm Password: unique to the user
- First Name/Last Name: Enter accurate data
- Department: where will the associate be working (cleaning rooms, front desk, etc). If an employee need is be inactivated, choose the Inactive option in the drop-down
- Verified By: There are 2 options: Self means that no one will inspect and verify their work. Supervisor means their work will not be marked as complete until a Supervisor inspects and verifies its completion
- Language: 7 options are currently available: Spanish, English, Gujarati, French Canadian, Nepali, Filipino, and Hungarian.
The associate will see their tasks in the language you select for them

B- Optional Fields

- Phone: enter associates phone number
- Panic Alerts: If checked, the system will notify selected associates to receive notifications of safety and security issues. The notifications will come through a phone call, text, and email (this is not an automatic feature when subscribing to MOP. Additional fees are incurred).
- Notification Level: Allows select users to receive an email if a work order is submitted at a predetermined level
- Email: Users email address for notifications
- Pushover Id: Identifier for PMS integration
- Default Maint: There can only be one Default Maintenance. The platform is designed to select the person who will manage the orders/task and will route work orders to this associate. If the default maintenance person is not on duty for the day, orders can be reassigned by the front desk, site admin, housekeeping supervisor, or another maintenance person. Associates logged in as room attendants would not be able to reassign orders/tasks.
- Payroll Id: this feature is not activated yet

Click Submit when completed to create the new associate.
If you cross-train and cross-utilize your associates in different departments, you may benefit from creating a different login for each associate in each department so tasks can be assigned accordingly.

Watch the Tutorial Video

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