Import Staff Members from Visual Matrix (VM PMS)

Import Staff Members from Visual Matrix (VM PMS)

When you are interfaced between MOP and Visual Matrix, the staff is managed from Visual Matrix. The staff list is updated every time a room assignment import is done. If a new user is created in Visual Matrix, it will be added at the next import. If a user is deactivated, it will be removed at the next import.
However, the import only import first and last name and the department, the MOP profile for that employee still needs to be completed in MOP.

1. In Visual Matrix, a new user has been created.

2. A user that is not in MOP.

3. Go to MOP and click on "Add Tasks".

You do not have to wait for the daily room assignment import to update your user list. You can still do it at any time.

4. Click on "Add VisualMatrix Tasks".

5. Wait for the import. It never takes more than a couple of seconds.

6. If you did not have a room assignment import, you will get an error message due to this. You can ignore it.

7. Go to "Staff List".

8. Our new employee is now in MOP. In our example, the department is "Head Housekeeper" and not "Room Attendants". This is because the PMS has some position that MOP does not have and vice versa. A mapping has been created for that matter before the integration.
The department of the User depends on how the Department mapping is completed prior to the integration. Those pre-set values will be applied for any future employees.

9. Click on the first or last name to open the employee profile.

10. Complete the employee profile. At least:
      - Username and password.
      - Correct the department if needed.
      - Update if the employee does self verification or not.

11. Click Submit.

12. The import is now completed and the user can access and start using MOP.

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