Governor Access

Governor Access

What is Governor Access

Governor Access is when ownership or someone that has direct oversite of multiple MOP subscribing properties obtains a special MOP login to review historical data, reports, and current-day activities. The historical data and reports can be viewed for a single property, a region/district, or for the ownership or brand as a whole.
The login access to the Governor Site is the same path as other MOP sites. The setup for a Governor's Site is available upon request.

What is Available under Governor Access

Varying levels of user access can be set up as needed. If set up as a Multi-Region user (the entire portfolio or brand), the example below would be the icons accessible.  If the setup is for a Single-Region, the multi-region icon and its level of access would be eliminated and that user would only have access to the hotels they  have direct oversite of. At all user access levels, the historical data/reports are broken down into years and will go back as far as the user was a subscriber to MOP.

Icon Overview

Multi-Region - Data/Reports would be viewable for an entire Brand or Divisions 
Region - Data/Reports would be viewable for just the hotels that comprise a particular Region
Sites - Data/Reports would viewable for a specific site within the Region or Brand

Staff List -  A list of Site Admin users at the property. The user can edit from the Staff List as well as log in directly to the hotel site.
Belt Settings -  If implemented, an overview plus the ability to update the performance level of the associate's room cleaning  (based upon the Martial Arts belt system... i.e. Black Belt).
Logout - To log out of the MOP site

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