MOP Icons and Level of Access

MOP Icons and Level of Access


The icons in MOP allow for assigning, editing, performing, or reviewing various tasks related to hotel operations. 
The pictorials and brief titles listed below each icon provide insight into the scope and relativity of the functions available.

Level of Access

The logged-in user's access to various icons in MOP is dependent upon the department they were assigned to work in when their staff profile was created.
By design, the icons are kept to minimal access, moderate access, or all-access. 
All logged-in users will have access to My Tasks (the logged in users assigned duties), Help (access to MOP training aids) and Logout (to log out of MOP). The department icon access is illustrated below.

Site Administrator

Front Desk Staff

Head Housekeeper                                       Maintenance Supervisor                    Room Attendant/Maintenance

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